Surviving Main Street Jan 06, 2021

Boy, what a year like no other. The bad of it all. Friends and family who got sick, losses like we've never seen or experienced in our personal and professional lives. 

It's always been interesting to me, how individuals respond during a crisis. Some dig deep, others rise up. There are words I hate, now, and I'm allowed to feel that way with "resilience" and "pivot" right at the top of my list, with a few others that might piss people off if I list them here.

Thankfully, my skill-sets under pressure and duress have always been to put my serious cap on, furrow the brow, identify the threats and then strategically beat them down one by one. It wasn't until November that I hit a wall, looked back on the year and broke down finally. It was a bad one for me and took a few weeks to recover, but that's how it goes when you own a business on Main Street and you're in survival mode.

My inner warrior has reemerged, inspired by an Instagram video I saw of the world's best flamenco dancer EVER, Carmen Amaya. It's everything I feel right now, after keeping my store alive and the sacrifices made there and at home that my customers will never know about. Olé, M*TH*RF**KERS

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