We got you! Thrifting and flipping can be lucrative, whether you're killing it on Depop or selling those premium items on Poshmark. Here, we're talking NEXT LEVEL. Ready to see what your options really are and what the math looks like? Learn from a real full-time expert who has owned five storefronts, has a busy online store to match and launched a store mobile app in 2020. Let's go way beyond the flip.

Hoe to Make Money Thrifting



You're ready to take the leap, it sounds like it could work, but you can't afford to waste time or money. Real information to help you maximize your resources and minimize the risk.
Let's get you there!




How exciting! The doors are open, you've launched your business. Now it's time to get real about your process, operations, marketing and profit margins. Just because you built it, does not mean they will come. Let's go get 'em!




Things are running smooth, you have goals and a passionate loyal community behind you. It's time to fine-tune the machine, decide what comes next and how you will elevate your business and yourself, at the same time.


All The Tools You Need to
Start a Resale Boutique

...and become a clothing reseller full-time.

Is there such a thing as a recession-proof business? How about starting a small business that serves its community and still pays the bills, even during a pandemic? One of the greatest rewards of owning a resale boutique is that so many people want to participate, there is never a shortage of amazing inventory and everyone seems to want to do what you do! It's a win-win for your community and the environment, and... you can make very excellent money.

Flipping Fashion is a course that takes you beyond the obvious and walks you through every step of how to open a resale boutique and become a successful reseller full-time. Whether you're crushing it on Poshmark or dream of owning a beautiful boutique on Main Street, expert shopkeeper, Tammy Venneri, will share over a decade of wisdom with you. Candid, real and honest, Tammy has owned multiple store locations, has a busy online store and even has mobile shopping app that integrates real-time with live inventory for her shoppers. We'll go behind the scenes to talk numbers, sustainability, operations, ethics, relationships, processes, strategy and growth.

Think big! This is a business that NEVER stops, is high-volume and fast-paced, fun and entertaining. Whether you want a simple side hustle making money from home or have your sights set on multiple locations, Flipping Fashion will take you from startup to seasoned.

Hello! I am so ready to get into it. Let's go!

Welcome to Flipping Fashion! I'm Tammy, and I am so happy to be here with you. I opened my first resale shop over ten years ago. As life sometimes just happens to us, my husband and I had relocated to a seasonal tourist community, I left my professional industry and career behind me and I had to reinvent myself in a hurry because we had no money in the bank. With determination, a few pro skills and some major naivete, I opened my first of five stores in 2010. It's been a WILD ride of trial and error, rapid growth, making tons of mistakes and finally wrangling the beast to get to this moment, where I can share with you EVERYTHING I have learned and what no one can teach you, unless they have actyually been there. Together, we will walk that path to explore exactly what type of business model you'd like to pursue. We'll unpack it from back to front, top to bottom. I hope you're ready! Let's do it!